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A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY….So this is a big year for both Lance and myself, we are approaching our 15 year anniversary for our business. 15 Years ago, Lance was working at Colonial Sewing Centre; they had 2 stores which weren’t doing as well as expected. We decided to get a loan and purchase the Gladstone store to try and inject money into Colonial Sewing Centre to try and save Lance’s job. The journey begins…
12 months later a fire went through the Rockhampton branch, which then went into receivership. It was a sad time for us all; Lance had worked there for 16 years, and walked away with nothing. So, we borrowed some more money and found a cheap place to rent and opened up CQ Sewing Machine & Service in the Colonial Mart, which was situated outside the old K-Mart Plaza. We applied for accounts and set up a little store with 3 sewing machines, 1 thread stand and some book shelves that I had big plans on filling with fabric.
I was working at Advanx, Ariel Platform Hire at the time as an office manager. Lance worked in our new store with minimal staff for 12 months before I decided it was time to join the team.
We had built up a little more stock and set up a class room table. I kicked off classes, teaching almost every day and soon enough the shop was becoming a little too small. Our 3 year lease was due to be re-newed and we found out that they wanted to put up our rent by 100%, so guess what…..we found our own premises. Sold our lovely home and put our head on the chopping block to move into a rundown old convenience store with a house attached that was falling apart.
We renovated in our spare time, firstly with the house side of things, to make living a little more comfortable, then we started on the store. We were still operating from our Colonial Mart location, working full time and renovating some nights until 2.am. It was tough!
My kitchen was the worst, cockroaches fell from the range hood, I refused to cook in it until we got a new one, so that was first on the list of things to do! While the new kitchen was going in, my girls and I decided to try and bake a cake when we were renovating the kitchen, the new oven was in and we had a plank of wood as a bench top which was held up with the ladder. We did manage to get the cake done, the girls thought it was quiet exciting, I didn’t think so! The cake was delicious!
I remember before the carpet got layed in the store, we got a phone call on a Wednesday afternoon that the carpet layers would be there at 9.00am the next day. We still had stands on the floor, left over from the convenience store and we hadn’t scrubbed the floor! So off we went after work, pulled apart the stands and started with bucket and a tough broom to try and get the floor ready for the carpet. We mopped and mopped until 2.am, then fell into bed. We got up 4 hours later and finished off our floor! I didn’t want our carpet getting layed on a floor that was filthy.
The carpet went down, our stands went in and we looked at our new store and said, how on earth are we going to fill this up! We had so much room.
Before our doors opened, our kids were using our store as their bicycle track, tearing around and around the shop playing while we were renovating!
We finally opened our doors at 9.00am on Wednesday 11th April 2007 – Larissa’s 18th birthday!
Larissa was our youngest employee, she started with us when she was still at school when we were at Colonial Mart, she couldn’t sew, so slowly I tried to teach her everything I know. She was like a sponge, took in everything like a duck to water, she was a natural! Larissa grew with our business and she was an excellent employee. We looked after her as if she were our own daughter; she baby sat our kids and then come to pick us up after a night out, driving my car (like she stole it, with music PUMPING!) For those of you who remember Larissa, I’m sure you would agree that she was just awesome!
Larissa moved on to other employment and has just recently had a baby boy. We still keep in contact today and she has grown into a lovely young lady, now with a family.
Brings tears to my eyes as I type this!
Anyway, moving on, we have now been in business almost 15 years, so we’re having 1 big celebration this year!
For every $50.00 spent in our store, you will go into the draw to win a Janome Skyline S9 – Sewing & embroidery machine! This machine is worth $4999.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We appreciate all your support over the past 15years, and look forward to the next 15!!
The draw will take place on Saturday 12th of May, our 15 year anniversary at 11.00am, you must be in store to receive your prize, otherwise we will keep drawing until we get a winner!

Now, also in Mackay. Lance & Rebecca recently took over the former Janome store in Mackay. They are situated on the corner of Juliet & Evan st, South Mackay and offer Sewing Classes, machine quilting, servicing to all brands of machines & overlockers and have a wonderful display of patchwork fabrics & haberdashery. We now publish a montly newsletter to let you all know what's coming up in store. Feel free to download it from our website, Just click the tab above.  
For more than a decade, CQ Sewing & Patchwork has provided gorgeous fabrics, elegant haberdashery, quality quilting as well as the latest sewing machines to customers throughout the Rockhampton region. Throughout the years our reputation for friendly advice and superior customer service has grown steadily. Embroidery and sewing classes are run regularly at our location. If your existing sewing machine requires servicing or repairs, our Rockhampton sewing experts can provide the service at a competitive rate.

Among the sewing machine brands we showcase at CQ Sewing and Patchwork are Janome, Bernina, Juki, Brother and Pfaff. A range of dress, stretch and patchwork fabrics are sold at our location in a comprehensive range of colours and textures. State-of-the-art overlocker systems can be purchased at CQ Sewing & Patchwork at great prices.
We have the largest range of sewing machines in Central Queensland. 

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced sewer, CQ’s Rockhampton sewing lessons have something for everyone. In addition to being ideal for anyone who has dreamed about creating their own clothing, our sewing lessons are a great way to meet friends, share your creations and get inspired.

If you are looking for a convenient Rockhampton embroidery store, be sure to visit CQ Sewing & Patchwork. Our friendly staff will listen to your requirements and ensure you get what you are looking for.
Follow our online class for our FBF Block of the month - www.youtube.com/watch


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